Matt Leacock’s Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are all on sale on iOS right now

24 November 2016
unnamed-57137.png Pandemic on iOS
Pandemic down to £2.29, while the Forbidden games are £1.49 each

Been waiting to pick up some of lauded designer Matt Leacock’s back catalogue on your phone or tablet? Now’s the time to strike.

Leacock’s globetrotting, disease-curing magnum opus, Pandemic, is down to £2.29 for iPhone and iPad, while both Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are just £1.49 on iPad.

All three of games appears to be decent digital ports, with four-and-a-half to five-star ratings and a slew of award wins and nominations to their names.

They’re all co-op titles you can play solo, alongside friendly computer AI or with human companions using local multiplayer. There’s a variety of other neat virtual features, such as interactive tutorials, various game modes and options, achievements, and in-app purchases for expansions including Pandemic’s On The Brink add-on.

In Pandemic, players work together to rid the world of disease, travelling around the globe, battling outbreaks and building up research centres.

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Forbidden Desert sees friends collaborating to search an ancient city for parts of a flying machine before the sand storm claims them.

Its sister title, Forbidden Island, meanwhile, sees up to four adventurers dashing around a sinking island in an attempt to discover hidden treasure.

We're not sure how long the sale will last so, if you're interested, grab them while you can!

Leacock’s acclaimed spin-off of his best-known title developed in conjunction with Rob Daviau, Pandemic Legacy, is yet to make it to mobile devices – presumably you’d have to destroy your phone to capture the same level of permanence as the tabletop hit.


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