Matt Leacock’s Mole Rats in Space is a ‘kid-friendly Aliens’ co-op game out in early 2017

26 October 2016
Newt's_Capture-80331.png Mole Rats in Space is like a 'Rated-G version of Aliens'
Also confirms more details about Pandemic Legacy Season Two

Matt Leacock’s latest project, Chariot Race, has only just hit Kickstarter – but that hasn’t stopped the Pandemic creator revealing his next game.

During his first Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ question-and-answer session, Leacock revealed that he is gearing up to release Mole Rats in Space early next year.

Leacock described the co-operative kids’ game as being comparable to “a Rated-G version of Aliens”. (That’s a U certificate in the UK.)

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Players aged seven and up work together to escape from a research station infested by snakes, amassing equipment to avoid being bitten by the reptiles and flee before time runs out.

“It's the perfect introduction to cooperative games, and is even simpler than Forbidden Island,” Leacock added.

That was about it as far as details go. There are currently no images of Mole Rats in Space floating around the web (unlike Pandemic Legacy Season Two), hence the shot of Aliens attached to this story. After all, when would we not take the opportunity to use a picture from Aliens?

In other news, Leacock did tease some more details about the follow-up to his and Rob Daviau’s acclaimed game, confirming that Pandemic Legacy Season Two would be released ‘sometime’ in 2017 and wouldn’t require the first season to play.


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