Master of Orion: Conquest is a deckbuilder based on the classic ‘90s PC game

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19 April 2017
STL035987-33447.jpg Master of Orion: Conquest
Follows board game based on sci-fi 4X series

Master of Orion, the 1990s strategy computer game, is getting yet another tabletop spin-off.

Following the sci-fi 4X title’s return to PC screens last year, Cryptozoic and Hobby World released Master of Orion: The Board Game.

Now it’s the turn of publisher Catalyst Game Labs, which has announced Master of Orion: Conquest, a deckbuilding title based on the game of galactic exploration and domination.

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The initial release, planned for release on June 28th, will allow two players to take on the roles of humans and the shapeshifting alien race of darloks, purchasing new cards to build their civilisation, colonise planets, expand their fleet using production and destroy their rival’s home world.

Planned expansions will later expand the player count to four.

The base game will cost $20 over in the US, so expect a price of around £16 here in the UK.


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