Massive Warhammer reveals from Games Workshop at Adepticon 2019

28 March 2019
AdepticonReveals-Mar27-KoS7jhjgfdbwkdfkf-77566.jpg Massive Warhammer reveals from Games Workshop at Adepticon 2019
We have such sights to show you!

Games Workshop has cranked its hype machine into overdrive with Adepticon. Let’s go through what’s on offer.

First up, Warhammer Age Of Sigmar is getting a new expansion to Soul Wars. Forbidden Power is an expansion set with a bunch of Death-themed spells that every faction will get to use. 



Then there’s a new Battletome coming out for the Fyreslayers – a Dwarf faction (GW would have you call them ‘Duardin’ but if it’s got an axe, a beard and a love of ale it’s a dwarf in my book.) Going with the whole ‘fire and bronze’ look the angry red chaps are going to be getting some new scenery and spells. 




Speaking of dwarves, the steampunk –tastic Kharadron Overloards have a new warband for Warhammer Underworlds; Thundrik’s profiteers. They’ve got riveted armour, steam-powered gizmos and guns… lots of guns.

Then there’s more images to come from Warcy, which we’ve spoken about before. The crimson guys that looked like a cross between Conan and a deep-sea diver are called the Iron Golems, apparently; they’re the smiths of Chaos who provide the arms and amour for various warbands. In addition to the warband itself, they also showed off some new Furies and a what looks like the pissed-off offspring of a vulture and a pair of scissors, the ‘Raptoryxe’. 


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Moving on the Warhammer 40,000, Apocalypse is coming to 8thedition. They’ll be some event exclusive miniatures as well – not surprisingly, they’re Space Marines (because really what else would they be?). There’s a Librarian Terminator and a Primaris marine.



The biggest news is that Games Workshop have finally gotten around to showing some attention to Slaanesh. The red-headed stepchild of the Chaos Pantheon, many speculated that Slaanesh was going to be replaced altogether at one point in an effort to avoid the whole NSFW angle the God of Pleasure was rocking. It seems the death-knell was premature, however, as She Who Thirsts is getting a new Keeper of Secrets and a couple of characters, including a revamped version of The Masque and a new Herald. Despite looking horrifically prone to snapping, the aesthetics of the miniatures are at least solid. Kudos should especially go to whoever designed the faces; they’ve really captured this hermaphroditic look that looks like something straight out of Hellraiser. 







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