Marvel Dice Masters is getting a Mighty Thor expansion as the Asgardian returns in Ragnarok

19 April 2017
thor-42017.JPG Thor: Ragnarok
Set will star god of thunder as well as the heroes and villains he has encountered over his 55 years in comics

It’s hammer time! Mjolnir time, specifically, as Marvel superhero Thor is coming back in a big way this year with his return to cinemas in Thor: Ragnarok.

To celebrate the Asgardian god of thunder and part-time Avenger’s next standalone movie, Marvel Dice Masters is getting a Thor-focused expansion which will be out in October, ahead of Ragnarok’s release in November.

As you can probably guess, the Mighty Thor expansion will be heavy on the hammer-wielding, wing-helmeted deity, but will also include character and action cards, plus dice, based on the various heroes and villains Thor has bumped into during his 55 years in the pages of Marvel comic books, having originally debuted in 1962.

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There’ll be more than 30 characters in total coming to the game, including Avengers pals Iron Man, Hulk (who makes a brief but memorable appearance in the trailer for Ragnarok) and Spider-Man, in both draft packs for tournaments and random boosters that will work with the standard Marvel Dice Masters.

In the meantime, if you somehow missed the trailer for Ragnarok and want to get pumped about Thor's reappearance - as well as the sight of Chris Hemsworth with short hair - take a look below:


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