Mariposas is Elizabeth Hargrave’s Wingspan follow up

09 January 2020
And it’s a game about the monarch butterfly’s 3000 mile migration

Not all at once mind. The game recreates the multi-generational migration of the monarch butterfly from Mexico all the way up to Canada, and back again. That’s right, this is a road trip that is one-way for most of the butterflies that embark upon it. In the game you will be in charge of this migration across three seasons, and it will be the most successful family of butterflies that makes for the most victory points.


It is of course no surprise that the creator of Wingspan (and Tussie Mussie) has focussed on a powerful natural ritual to model in their next game. While we’ve not been promised a card for each of the speculated 20,000 species of butterflies out there in the world (and indeed, the game is only focused on the monarch Butterfly migration) – we can expect it to be gorgeous.


Mariposa by Elizabeth Hargrave

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AEG are publishing the game, so we can expect a high production quality to go alongside last year’s Ecos, 2018’s Warchest and the ever-popular Mystic Vale.


Mariposas is set to be a 2-5 player game with a 45-75 minute play time.


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