Mantic Announce New Board Game Division For Family Friendly Firefights

09 June 2022
Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is the first title from the new board game division

Mantic Games, the creators of miniatures games Kings of War and Deadzone have announced a dedicated board game division of the company to create more accessible gaming experience.

“We want to develop more products that can be enjoyed by a wider range of audiences,” says Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic Games. 

As trailed in our recent piece on Mantic’s terrain boxes (TTG66), the company hints at expanding these excessively themed setting boxes of resin miniatures, furniture and terrain into fully-fledged roleplaying adventures, amongst other avenues:

“This could be a ready-made RPG adventure to play as part of a wider campaign, a card game that introduces new fans to our fantasy realms, or a kid-friendly dungeon crawler that can be played during a family game night,” says Renton 

In an exclusive (and possibly impromptu) interview for the BlackJack Legacy YouTube channel, Ronnie Renton suggest the move will open up the company to being able to take on more licences. 

“People were coming to us with really cool licences,” says Renton in the interview “but we couldn’t make a wargame out of it. Making a skirmish game out of this would feel engineered.”

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The new board game division is set to roll out games in the “Mantic way” – which is to say ‘why would we give you a wooden meeple when we can give you a cool plastic mini’, to paraphrase Renton in the BlackJack Legacy interview.

Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is the first title from the new division, will launch on June 15th on Gamefound.

Watch Charlie play Hellboy: The Dice Game on our YouTube channel:



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