Mansions of Madness takes to the Streets of Arkham in its next expansion

23 June 2017
mad25_parts_preview-48101.png Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham
Includes new ways to improve skills and explore backstory of investigators

Mansions of Madness’ second edition is getting its second boxed expansion soon, which looks to shake up the co-op horror game’s investigators.

Streets of Arkham comes with the usual assortment of new tiles, cards and events alongside three fresh digital scenarios for the companion app, but most intriguingly seems to be making some notable changes to the characters controlled by players.

There are four new investigators in the box – a police officer, bootlegger, singing entertainer and reformed cultist (dibs) – each of which has a unique ability tied to their backstory, whether it’s the cultist’s ability to resist horror (she’s seen some things); the police officer’s rifle, which can be used on any skill test and is named Becky (with the good hair-trigger, we assume); the singer’s ability to cast a spell (literally as well as metaphorically); or the bootlegger’s stealthy extra movement.

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That’s not all: the investigators can also be strengthened using improvement tokens, which provide one-time boosts to core stats and are acquired during scenarios. Players can also choose to improve their character’s skill with the new elixir items, which provide a way to improve their abilities but have to be flipped (much like spells) and their opposite side resolved after use.

The three new scenarios include a hunt around the Miskatonic University, a murder mystery case to stop a gang war and a series of strange deaths at the Miskatonic Museum. There’s also a new digital puzzle based on the old Tower of Hanoi challenge (shift blocks around to form a tower of ascending size), if you’re into that kind of thing.

Streets of Arkham will be out this winter.


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