Mansions of Madness’ next trio of scenarios is out

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10 November 2017
pic3763364-85962.jpg Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham
Streets of Arkham expansion also adds four investigators and skill boosts

Mansions of Madness’ fantastic second edition is expanding with its latest bundle of fresh scenarios for the Lovecraftian adventure game.

The Streets of Arkham expansion is the first boxed add-on for the game to include three new missions, bringing the total up to 13 when added to the four in the core box, two brought across from the first edition (also in the Recurring Nightmares and Call of the Wild sets), the pair available as DLC in the companion app and duo in the first original expansion released for the second edition, Beyond the Threshold.

As the name suggests, Streets of Arkham largely takes place around the alleys and underbelly of the classic Lovecraft setting, expanded with a host of map tiles in the physical box.

The first scenario is Gangs of Arkham, taking place as two gangs lock horns after a murder that each one believes the other to be guilty of. Players must race to solve the mystery before the confrontation boils over into a full war.

Second is Astral Alchemy, which begins with the typical trope of an anonymous warning note and is centred in and around another Lovecraftian favourite, Miskatonic University, as players race to stop cosmic horror being unleashed.

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Last in the set is Ill-Fated Exhibit, a scenario set in Miskatonic Museum. An exhibit full of strange artifacts is marred by deaths and accidents, which players must stop by identifying the evil object to blame.

Joining the roster of investigators in the game are four newcomers, including a police officer, singer, bootlegger and reformed cultist, each of whom has a unique ability.

All of the characters can now gain one-off and permanent skill boosts with the expansion’s new improvement tokens and elixir items. They’ll come in useful when solving a new puzzle type, a Tower of Hanoi-style block-shifting challenge.

Streets of Arkham is £60 and out in the UK as of yesterday.


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