Mansions of Madness’ next expansion heads into the jungle on the Path of the Serpent

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25 June 2019
mom-serpent-47010.png Mansions of Madness: Path of the Serpent
Why did it have to be snakes?

The next big-box expansion for Mansions of Madness is leaving the streets of Arkham behind with three new scenarios set in a jungle filled with snake monsters, mysterious temples and reasons to be truly afraid of the dark.

Path of the Serpent follows last year’s train, ship and blimp-set expansion Horrible Journeys as the latest collection of new map tiles, miniatures, investigators and digital scenarios for Mansions’ companion app to come to the co-op horror game.

Two of the expansions’ three scenarios are set in the Amazon jungle, with the Lost Temple of Yig following an expedition into a shrine dedicated to the Lovecraftian snake god and Into the Dark involving a mysterious superstition about avoiding the darkness as night creeps in during a journey through the rainforest.

The third scenario, The Jungle Awakens, takes place back in the familiar setting of Arkham, but sees the jungle begin to reclaim the city as the result of relics taken from their home.

Embarking on the missions are four investigators from the Arkham Horror Files universe who make their Mansions debut: expedition leader Leo Anderson, able to move allies an extra space; mechanic Daniela Reyes, able to gain clues and decrease horror by solving puzzles; astronomer Norman Withers, who can read the stars in outdoor spaces to lose horror or obtain clues; and explorer Ursula Downs, who can move a space before or after exploring a tile.

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As with past expansions, Path of the Serpent also brings a new type of digital puzzle to Mansions that must be solved using the game’s companion app.

This time around, it’s a ring puzzle involving spinning concentric rings to align symbols with a fixed inner ring. Some of the symbols are missing, making it trickier to solve using players’ limited moves.

Path of the Serpent will be released in Q4 2019 – with a US MSRP of $60, expect the UK RRP to come in around the £60 price tag of previous expansions. You’ll need the base game to play.


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