Magnate: The First City Smashes Kickstarter Target in 6 Hours

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24 November 2019
The competitive city-builder and market manipulator game see hyper-inflation, but the good kind

Magnate, a game about the boom and bust of property markets, has fully funded. We reached out to James Naylor and asked how he feels about the runaway success of the Kickstarter:

"I've been absolutely blown away by our success. I thought we had made a good game and done a good job of building some interest. We had no expectation it would go this far this fast. It's a wonderful feeling that so many people want to support your creation".

The Kickstarter sits at £26,000 at the time of writing, merely double the original requested funding.

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Two stretch goals have already been unlocked:

  • Diecast Excavator – this is a jolly first player marker that can be driven around the table
  • Tower Footprints – an important aesthetic element of the game allowing newly built apartment towers to change the ground around their foundations.

These may not be available to retail, so if you want these you’ll have to go back the kickstarter.

If you want to dig deep into what Magnate is really all about, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled in future issues of Tabletop Gaming.


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