Magic: The Gathering fan creates amazing custom Bloodborne cards

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27 February 2017
bloodborne-mtg-04651.jpg Bloodborne MTG cards
All of the video game’s bosses featured with unique abilities

Bloodborne may now have its own card game, courtesy of Eric Lang, but that hasn’t stopped one committed fan from bringing the PS4 video game’s entire cast of monstrous bosses to legendary TCG Magic: The Gathering.

Reddit user vNocturnus has adapted every single one of the main game’s bosses, as well as those added in expansion packs and other game modes, into a unique Magic card.

There’s clearly a lot of thought that has gone into the project, with elemental colours reflecting the bosses’ in-game attributes, while their abilities are based on their virtual powers.

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The cards’ fantastic artwork is taken from fan art across the internet, with all of the artists credited where possible, and vNocturnus insists that the cards are ‘fairly balanced’ – meaning that they’ll hopefully be suitable for play in custom matches with your friends.

Take a look at the cards over on Imgur.


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