Magic: The Gathering and Netrunner creator Richard Garfield has announced a new spy-themed card game

12 June 2017
pic3587397-21216.png SpyNet
Players work alone or together to complete missions by recruiting agents and hindering their rivals

If there’s one games designer who knows cards, it’s Richard Garfield.

Acclaimed as the creator of Magic: The Gathering and Netrunner, Garfield has just announced his latest card game, an espionage-themed game of bluffing called SpyNet.

In SpyNet, players work either alone or in pairs to try and complete secret missions. To do so, they need to recruit the right agents from four stacks of cards facedown in the middle of the table.

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Each pile can be picked up and looked at on a player’s turn, with the player choosing to take the current stack or put it back down and look at the next selection, which also means you will know what your rivals may pick up on subsequent turns. Taking a stack means adding an extra card to the preceding piles, making them more attractive for other players.

Once enough agents of the matching type have been recruited, players can send them on a mission, deploying cards to outnumber their opponent’s respective power and complete the objective for points. Some of the spies also have special abilities to help best an opponent.

SpyNet plays with two to four people in around half an hour and is due out ‘soon’, publisher Z-Man said.


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