Magic: The Gathering and Marvel announce multi-year partnership

24 October 2023
The first full set of Magic: The Gathering cards with Marvel Superheroes will launch in 2025

Magic: The Gathering is a gaming phenomenon. The world's first trading card game that launched a multi-million pound global industry has gone from strength to strength in its 30-year history, but is still finding new ways to attract new fans, with its most recent announcement confirming a partnership between Wizards and Marvel for multiple superhero-themed sets, the first of which is releasing in 2025.

Since 2020, Magic: The Gathering has been releasing cards featuring characters from other intellectual properties, including the likes of Warhammer, Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings (the latter of which had a card valued at over $2 million), known collectively as 'Universes Beyond.' 

This latest announcement now confirms that Marvel Superheroes will be following suit, releasing multiple sets and product releases. President of Wizards of the Coast Cynthia Williams has stated how proud they are to incorporate beloved superheroes like Thor and Captain America into Magic. “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Marvel to bring its iconic characters to fans around the world in new ways,” said William. “These tentpole sets will build on the tradition of incorporating beloved fan-favourite characters and elements from world-class brands into Magic: The Gathering.” 

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This announcement confirms that we will be seeing a booster pack release similar to the Lord of the Rings set released over the summer, whilst a trailer for the Magic and Marvel collaboration seems to hint at including not just aspects from the Marvel Films, but to also feature characters who we've currently only seen in the comics.

It seems that Magic is continuing to see an increase in properties outside of its own fantasy universe (which ironically was once meant to have a live action adaptation by the directors of Avengers Endgame), will we eventually see this become the norm as Magic manages to incorporate all of popular culture into its game? Only time will tell.


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