Mage Knight’s upcoming Ultimate Edition includes everything ever released for the massive fantasy game – and more

09 March 2018
pic1083380-67242.jpg Mage Knight
Original game, all three expansions, new cards and alternate paint schemes

Mage Knight is back, bigger and (hopefully) better than ever.

It’s been six years since Vlaada Chvátil’s acclaimed board game first hit the tabletop, staking a place for itself as a seriously lengthy but seriously great blend of roleplaying, deckbuilding and puzzle-solving – a legacy that can be clearly seen in recent spiritual successors such as Gloomhaven.

For the uninitiated, Mage Knight casts players as the powerful eponymous warriors as they battle their way across the fantasy world of the Atlantean Empire, managing their reputation as they gain fame and experience to grow their abilities, represented by a deck of cards.

Three expansions – The Lost Legion, Krang and Shades of Tezla – were put out for the game over the years, introducing extra player characters and enemies, with the last arriving a few years ago in 2015. (For what it’s worth, Chvátil himself said that he considers the base game with Lost Legion the ‘complete’ way to play.)

Although the game has remained readily in print, it’ll be easier than ever to pick up the entire Mage Knight collection later this year, with the announcement of an Ultimate Edition due in September.

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The $125 (£91) set packs in the core game and all three of its expansions, meaning it includes all of the content ever released for Mage Knight, but also adds in five brand new cards and some alternate paint schemes for the game’s miniatures.

There’s no word of an upgrade pack for existing owners of the first edition and its expansions, so it sounds like you’ll have to pay out for the extras if you’re desperate to have a complete collection.

The other feature noted is the inclusion of “comprehensive integrated rules text”, hopefully making it a bit easier to learn the complex flow of Mage Knight’s action.


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