Mad Max-ian car combat miniatures game Gaslands refuels with ‘ultimate director’s cut’ edition

22 March 2019
gaslands-83840.jpg Gaslands
The art of the diesel

Gaslands, the vehicular combat wargame that can be played with Hot Wheels cars, is revving up an expanded and revised edition due out this year.

Gaslands: Refuelled is a 1.5 version of Mike Hutchinson’s Mad Max-meets-Gorkamorka-meets-Matchbox miniatures game, which saw players skidding, shooting and smashing souped-up cars, motorbikes and tankers across a post-apocalyptic battlefield.

The upcoming book features a refined set of rules expanded with all of the material from Gaslands’ Time Extended supplements, as well as tweaked in response to the game’s community, publisher Osprey Games has said.

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There’s also the promise of brand new content, with Hutchinson calling Refuelled “the ultimate ‘director’s cut’” edition of Gaslands.

The original Gaslands used X-Wing-style manoeuvre templates to move vehicles around the environment, with players shifting up and down gears to adjust their speed and turn order. Skid dice injected the risking of wiping out while turning, and cars could shoot at or ram into each other to wreck opponents.

Gaslands: Refuelled will be released this September.


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