Ludoquist Announce Pride Dice as part of new venture

30 June 2022
Ludodist Distribution partners with dice and pins manufacturers Foam Brain Games

Ludoquist, the award winning game shop in Croydon, has announced its newest venture, under the name of Ludodist Distribution. The new move will focus on distributing high quality products within the tabletop gaming space, and its first move has been to announce a partnership and UK distribution deal with Foam Brain Games, a US manufacturer of RPG Dice and pins. 

Foam Brain Games has made dice for over ten years, and Nick Smith, Co-owner of Ludodist stated they "were providing exactly the sort of quality dice we're looking for. We've been selling them in store for two years, and are now delighted to be distributing them to select UK retailers". 

Games Manager at Ludoquist, Amy Dickinson, went on to say that there is "one product, and one product alone that initially convinced us to stock Foam Brain dice, and that's their Pride Dice range.". The range can be found currently on the Foam Brain website, and at the Ludoquist store, with now the option for additional retailers to obtain.

Dickinson goes on to explain that "small signs tell us whether we are safe in your shop, and while a small selection of pride merchandise might be unassuming to a straight customer, to queer customers it’s a klaxon call that this is a place where we can feel safe. It constantly lifts my spirits to see young queer people coming into the Ludoquist and drooling over the pride dice.“

Andrew Zorowitz of Foam Brain Games, says: “We are very excited to work with Ludoquist to bring our dice to more stores in the UK. It is wonderful to be able to work with great partners to make our products more readily available worldwide, and Ludoquist has really impressed us with how much their vision aligns with ours and how passionate they are about our products, especially our pride products.”

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Check in with your FLGS for their intentions to stock, or if you are an FLGS, contact Ludodist for retailing options. 


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