Lords of Vegas’ unreleased Underworld expansion still on the way, new publisher Z-Man confirms

15 October 2018
lords-of-vegas-54851.png Lords of Vegas
Label takes over control of game following end of Mayfair

The second big expansion for casino-clashing board game Lords of Vegas is still on the felt-covered table for a release.

Underworld was announced last year as the follow-up to 2014’s first expansion UP!, but news about the add-on seemingly vanished alongside former publisher Mayfair at the beginning of 2018 following the company’s absorption by Asmodee.

Now, Asmodee label Z-Man Games has revealed itself as the new publisher of Lords of Vegas, confirming that the unreleased Underworld is “still in development” and planned for release in the future. No expected release date or period has been given.

Underworld introduces characters to Lords of Vegas, who have individual motivations and personalities that can influence players’ objectives and strategies.

Co-designer James Ernest, who created the game with Mike Selinker, said that the crook characters reflect the stronger organised crime theme that the game had originally, which was dialled back significantly for the final release of the base game.

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“Underworld is our chance to reintroduce the mobsters who have always been a part of the story of Las Vegas, using a new set of cards that add twists and turns (and loan sharks!) to the game,” he added.

Z-Man also announced that it would be selling the “existing Mayfair stock” of the main Lords of Vegas set and UP!, but didn’t comment on whether a reprint or new edition could be expected alongside the upcoming expansion.

However, Z-Man’s studio head Steve Kimball hinted at potential further expansions and additions to the game, saying: “It’s been incredibly satisfying for me to interact with Mike and James as I’ve always personally admired their work from afar, and I’m looking forward to not only support Lords of Vegas, but potential future opportunities as well.”

Selinker added: “We think our fans will like what Z-Man plans to do for Lords of Vegas in the coming years.”


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