Lord of the Rings RPG The One Ring is going to explore the history of Theoden’s father

05 May 2017
OathsofTheRiddermark-Cover-1200-11817.jpg Oaths of the Riddermark
Oaths of the Riddermark supplement follows the trials of Thengel King

The One Ring, Cubicle 7’s Middle-earth roleplaying game set between the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, plans to explore the family history of one of the series’ best-loved characters in an upcoming supplement.

Oaths of the Riddermark takes Thengel King as its muse for a series of adventures – for those not up on their Middle-earth lore, Thengel is the father of Theoden, the Rohan leader who helps lead the human forces to victory during the battles of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith. Extra trivia titbit: while king, Thengel was actually served by Aragorn, under the pseudonym Thorongil.

Oaths follows Thengel through a series of trials, expanded through the volume’s set of scenarios.

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The supplement is the companion to the similarly Rohan-focused Horse-lords of Rohan, which introduced playable Rohirrim and Dunlendings to the RPG, as well as rules for riding horses and combat while on horseback.

Oaths of the Riddermark is yet to receive a confirmed release date, but Cubicle 7 added that it would be reprinting Horse-lords of Rohan ahead of the new expansion.


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