Looking for Games to Play Over Zoom? Watch here!

01 May 2021
Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook, your choice of video chat is interchangeable


We're all pro's at being stuck inside now, but are we realising our board gaming potential while we do? Join Charlie as she goes through ten of the best games to play by video chat, where only one participant needs the base game (with the exception of number 10!). Whether you're playing this way because of Lockdowns, because your friends and family are far away, or simply because you impulsively wanted a game, this is the list to help. 

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this - which games have you found translated well into video calls? Have you got any top tips for people to take away? 

Plus, check out some of the other features on our website for a little more on both on some of the games listed, and playing tabletop in the digital world:

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Plus, if you're looking for the opposite side of things, instead of staying indoors, head outside with out list of ten of the best games to play outside!

Plus, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for so much more. Not only are we offering you videos compiling some of the best options, but we've also got a huge range of videos, from best accessories, to exclusive reveals from the likes of Free League and Cepholair, plus interviews and tips with designers from all realms of the tabletop sphere. 


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