Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Path of Waves Sourcebook

12 November 2019
256 pages and five factions rise in the Ivory Kingdom

A new horizon has opened for Legend of the Five Rings RPG players. To the south and west of the chaotic lands of Rokugan lies the relatively peaceful Ivory Kingdom - but how long can that last?

Probably as long as it takes you to crack the spine on the new sourcebook from Fantasy Flight games. In a slight departure from the celestial turmoil of Rokugan, this new book looks to show us the world outside of this order.

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With a huge range of new cultural attitudes and religious frameworks to use in your next game there’s scope for exciting new character interactions and backstories. Throw in the Naga serpent folk and an area referred to as “The Ghostlands” and we’re sold.

Which is great, as they’re open for pre-orders now. Read more on the Fantasy Flight website.


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