Legend of the Five Rings is getting a new expansion every week

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12 October 2017
l5c01_step_02-10489.jpg Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
Six dynasty packs to release in just six weeks

It seems that putting out a fresh expansion for its living card games each month wasn’t quite quick enough for Fantasy Flight, which has announced that it will step up the release frequency for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game to once a week.

The first six dynasty packs that make up the game’s Imperial cycle will be released over the course of just six weeks from the start of November onwards, a big change from the publisher’s regular habit of spacing similar sets for Android: Netrunner, Arkham Horror: TCG, Game of Thrones: TCG and Lord of the Rings: TCG out over the course of half a year.

Each pack advances the in-game story set in L5R’s universe of Rokugan, as well as introducing new Keeper and Seeker roles for each of the seven clans – which change each clan’s play style and tactics – plus an assortment of Imperial cards. Only one of each clan’s Keeper and Seeker cards will be legal for tournament use after the first L5R world championship this November, in fitting with the game’s wider meta.

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The cycle begins with Tears of Amaterasu and ends with Meditations on the Ephemeral in mid-December. Each of the packs costs $15 (£11), making it a $90 (£68) total investment over the six-week run – plus the £37 core set.

The news apepars to have split the L5R community, with some competitive players praising the instant availability of more cards and choice when crafting their custom decks and others intimidated by the expensive cost of keeping up from the start.

Fantasy Flight is describing the intense schedule of launches as a special event, suggesting that future expansions might return to the one a month format – and, of course, there’s nothing stopping you buying the packs at a slower rate.


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