Learn how to create your own RPG!

12 June 2021
ENNIE nominated game designer, Chris McDowall is offering a four hour tutorial to budding roleplaying game designers.

Create an RPG in an evening with the creator of Electric Bastionland and Into The Odd. Enter with merely a sense of adventure, leave with a table ready RPG!

What will you do?
• Look at existing tabletop roleplaying games that deliver great gameplay with simple rules.
• Design the core of a roleplaying game and the critical content that lets you bring it to the table.
• Carefully examine your game to refine and improve your design.

What will you leave with?
• An understanding of the principles of tabletop roleplaying game design.
• A short, table-ready roleplaying game that you can take home.
• Knowledge for how to develop your game further after playtesting.

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