League of Legends spin-off board game Mech vs Minions is arriving next month

20 September 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-09-20-at-09.23.29-22032.png The box artwork and components
Co-operative tabletop take on hit MOBA video game will include four pre-painted minis, Pandemic Legacy-style reveals and cost $75
League of Legends spin-off board game Mech vs Minions is arriving next month Images

Mech vs Minions, the first tabletop release from League of Legends creator Riot Games, has been officially unveiled.

The spin-off to the hit PC game was accidentally teased last week, but Riot remained quiet on a full reveal until now.

Mechs vs Minions is described as being a co-operative game for between two and four players, who take control of the titular robots to face off against hordes of enemies.

The four mechs – League of Legends champions Corki, Tristana, Heimerdinger and Ziggs – come as pre-painted minis, while the accompanying 100 minion figures will be plain.

Also included in the box are five game boards, four ‘command line’ player mats, ability and damage decks, dice, a sand timer and a mysterious sealed box, which Riot has hinted as including something important – perhaps a Pandemic Legacy-style reveal is in order?

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Story-driven, the game is split into ten missions, each lasting around an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Mechanics include the use of “programmatic movement from a shared draft”.

Mechs vs Minions will be released on October 13th, priced at $75.

You can check out more of the game by downloading the rulebook or accompanying soundtrack via Riot’s site, or watching the gameplay overview below.


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