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05 March 2020
Last chance to get in on those juicy Kickstarter exclusives!

If you were lucky enough to get on the Marvel United Kickstarter in time, good for you. If you missed it, never fear as CMON are doing their heroic best and offering up late pledges through their store. Which, going by the massive amount of Kickstarter exclusive minis (cool or otherwise) is a great opportunity.


Designed by Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Ankh: Gods of Egypt) and Andrea Chiarvesio (Signorie, Hyperborea), Marvel United is a co-operative game that puts players in control of a stunningly huge selection of Marvel heroes as they fight a multitude of villains over various locales. Did we mention there are a lot of minis? There are enough chibi Marvel heroes on display here to choke a whale and enough boxes to kill a postman. But most importantly, they've included Blade. So many people forget that vampires are a canon part of the Marvel universe and it’s about time that Blade got some recognition for protecting the world from a valid threat that the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy seem keen to ignore. Only Spiderman seems to be doing anything about the bitey buggers.

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Late pledging is a little confusing, so make sure to read their instructions carefully. If you’ve already backed for £1 then you will get access to the pledge manager and shouldn’t back again through the store. If you completely missed the campaign you can back at the United Pledge ($60) and will be given access to the pledge manager with a base copy of the game where you can then upgrade to one of the higher tiers if you like.


Late pledges can be done here.


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