Lanterns: The Harvest Festival lights up mobile with iOS and Android versions

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02 November 2016
LanternsTablet-58097.png Lanterns for mobile includes online matchmaking and solo play against AI
Tile-placement game set in ancient China challenges players to place floating lanterns on a lake to gain honour

The absolutely delightful thematic tile-placement game Lanterns: The Harvest Festival has finally drifted into the digital world.

If you haven’t played the tabletop original, players take it in turns to place floating lanterns on the lake of an ancient Chinese palace, building up honour by forming sets and patterns to outperform their rivals.

Released last year, Christopher Chung’s beautiful game has now arrived on iOS and Android, featuring solo play against AI opponents as well as online matchmaking against human players.

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The digital version also includes a progressive challenge system to ease newcomers into the game, and makes use of the devices’ touchscreens by allowing tap and drag movement of the tiles.

Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, the game costs £3.99 on the iOS App Store and £4.89 on Google Play.


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