King of Tokyo to Power Up again with revamped expansion next April

12 December 2016
KOT_PowerUp_3Dbox-49946.jpg Power Up was the first expansion for King of Tokyo
Add-on originally released for Richard Garfield’s beast-battling title in 2012

A new version of King of Tokyo’s 2012 expansion Power Up is set to stomp its way onto shelves next April.

The add-on was originally released for Richard Garfield’s game of brawling monsters back in 2012, adding the panda bear beast Pandakai and evolution cards, which are drawn by rolling three hearts and can be played at any time for a variety of one-off and permanent bonuses.

The revised version of Power Up includes evolution decks specific to six monsters from King of Tokyo’s later version (which replaces Cyber Bunny and Kraken with Cyber Kitty and Space Penguin), plus the Cyber Bunny and Kraken from the first edition release. As with the original variation of the add-on, Pandakai is included.

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Inside the box will be a total of 72 evolution cards, eight tokens, the Pandakai monster board, figure and stand, plus a rulebook with variant rules for a more competitive way to implement evolution cards.

King of Tokyo: Power Up is due out in April 2017, and will cost $19.99 – around £15 to £16 here in the UK.


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