Kick-Ass is the next comic book hit to be turned into a big board game

17 August 2017
2206035-08-43967.jpg Kick-Ass
CMON project will be skipping Kick-starter

Comic book-turned-movie series Kick-Ass is being turned into a board game by Zombicide studio CMON.

It looks like Kick-Ass: The Board Game will be based on the original comic book series by prolific writer Mark Millar, rather than the 2010 film and its sequel. Millar’s work has also been adapted into films including Wanted, Kingsman, Captain America: Civil War and the recent Logan.

There’s not a lot of solid information about the upcoming game, but according to BoardGameGeek it will consist of the ‘dudes on a map’ gameplay refined in games such as Blood Rage, Rising Sun and The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, with the added side management of social media as players presumably build their own home-grown superheroes into national sensations. There will be miniatures.

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Interestingly, CMON has opted to skip Kickstarter this time around, despite its recent multi-million-dollar success with Rising Sun, Zombicide: Green Horde and its A Song of Ice & Fire miniatures game.

Instead, Kick-Ass: The Board Game will arrive directly in shops sometime next year. Expect it to include no shortage of ass-kicking.


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