Khan will bring his wrath to Mage Knight-a-like Star Trek: Frontiers this August

31 March 2017
Khan-yell-78387.jpg You don't even need us to write it, do you?
The Return of Khan expansion adds missions, challenges, support for an extra player and The Pequod and USS Enterprise-A ships to spacefaring game

Star Trek’s most iconic villain, Khan, is coming to last year’s Mage Knight spin-off Star Trek: Frontiers this summer.

The Moby Dick-loving superhuman, introduced in the original series and later popping up in movie sequels Wrath of Khan and Into Darkness, will be the star of the Return of Khan expansion.

The set will include Khan’s Jem Had’ar cruiser, The Pequod, on a Clix base and the USS Enterprise-A vessel, as well as encounter tokens, crew cards, five map tiles, six advanced action cards, six undiscovered cards and a book of new scenarios. It will also expand the maximum player count from four to five, and there’s apparently two decks of cards and some extra tokens in the box yet to be detailed.

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According to designer Andrew Parks, the set offers some narrative background on how Khan goes from the conclusion of Wrath of Khan to arrive in the Frontiers universe (which takes place in the ‘present’), as well as how he ends up in command of his current ship and pursed by the Enterprise-A.

The $50 (£40) set will be out in August. Together now: “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”


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