Keyforge Adventures Coming Soon, and Dark Tiding Delays

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15 March 2021
A mixed bag of news from Fantasy Flight Games

We'll start with the bad news, that you may have seen already  – There's been a delay to the release of Dark Tidings, the fifth Keyforge set. It was due for release on Friday, March 12th, but due to shipping difficulties, it won't be released worldwide simultaneously as had been planned. Some territories will be receiving the decks on time, spanning to an estimated mid-April release date. We've heard similar stories from bulk shipping attempts across the board, as COVID-19 has impacted regular dispatch times, and os this is disappointing news, but equally unsurprising. In addition, Fantasy Flight Games reported a system delay in registering the Dark Tiding Deck on the Master Vault, however it is seeking to resolve this as soon as possible. 

In brighter news, it's now not long until the release of Keyforge Adventures! This will release in April, as a free, new way to play Keyforge using any of the decks collected. This is a cooperative game, though can be played solo, consisting of two adventures, with the first released in April. Fantasy Flight Games set the scene by describing the settings as follows: "A preeminent Logos organization, the Society of Logic and Reason, has lost contact with one of its undersea observatories. In anticipation of trouble, they have hired a group of Archons to join the crew of their ship, the SLRS Vortexilon, and investigate. And it’s a good thing, too—the observatory has been destroyed by a beast from ancient mythology, and an Aquan cult is behind it! "

The challenges will replace a players opponent with an automated deck that players draw from when their opponent would take a turn. The cards contain actions performed against the characters, creatures to fight and artifacts to avoid or overcome. This means you can use any Keyforge deck, but of course, some will be better than others. 

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The adventures are called Rise of the Keyraken, and The Abyssal Conspiracy, with varying difficulty. It will be available as a free download, with the first in April, and the Second in May.

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