Keyflower gets a reprint as mini-expansion Keymelequin announced

25 January 2017
pic3142554_lg-09067.jpg Keymelequin contents
Brings keyples and new tile to acclaimed tile-layer

Richard Breese and Sebastian Bleasdale’s much-loved 2012 strategy game Keyflower is getting a new mini-expansion, and a fresh print run to boot.

Keymelequin was actually teased at Essen last year, but the new Kickstarter campaign for the add-on marks the first wider availability for the set outside of the event.

The pack, which is priced at $5 (£4) on its own, adds two new keyples, Paulo and Sven, who act as translators and mediators between the blue and yellow and red and green keyples, respectively.

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The reprint of Keyflower is being published by Game Salute, which unfortunately means the crowdfunding campaign is limited to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Keyflower is published by Breese’s own label R&D Games in the UK, suggesting that a British release for the micro-expansion and a new print run of the base game may not be far away.

The campaign has already raised close to $15,000  (£11,911) on its paltry $100 (£79) target. Only 1,250 copies of Keymelequin will be available, 750 of those on its own.

If you live in one of the countries able to order the expansion – which can be bundled with Keyflower and its previous add-ons – you’ll have until February 10th to do so.


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