Kallistra opens orders for early WWI Russians ahead of Vapnartak release

26 January 2017
1485349536-ww1-RU09-54495.jpg Kallistra's early war Russian command
Nine sets of metal miniatures available

Miniatures manufacturer Kallistra has begun offering pre-orders for its upcoming range of early First World War Russians.

Nine sets of the metal models, cast in lead-free pewter, are available, each costing £6.

Among the selection is advancing infantry, firing and loading poses, a heavy machine gun and crew, cavalry, casulaties, a 76.2mm field gun and crew, and command figures.

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The line is scheduled for launch at the Vapnartak wargaming event in York on Sunday February 5th, although Kallistra warned that it would be unable to offer its entire catalogue at the show.


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