Just Desserts expansion makes everything Better With Bacon

04 November 2016
1500x1500_4bc039cbd5dc0e8f47a8ae7d00fda10b00a2574289f84d43bb248fd7-69403.jpg Better With Bacon includes 10 new cards: six foods and four customers
Pack includes six new foods and four customers

The first expansion for Looney Labs’ gluttonous card game Just Desserts will bring perhaps the UK’s most popular savoury food to the realm of puddings.

That’s right: bacon is coming. The fittingly-titled Better With Bacon pack includes six new foods involving the porcine treat, ranging from delicious-sounding to more acquired tastes: Bacon Chip Cookies, Maple Bacon Donuts, Chocolate Dipped Bacon, Bacon Ice Cream, Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes and Candied Bacon.

The 10-card add-on also includes four new customers – Abraham Bacon, The Vegetarian, The Farmer and Kevin.

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Better With Bacon is due out at the end of next January, and will cost a mere $5. Obviously you’ll need a copy of the base game, released last year, to play.


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