Jurassic Park and Fight Club games under development by The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 studio

07 November 2017
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Board games, uh, find a way

Mondo has announced three new games currently in the works at the pop culture art studio-turned-tabletop publisher, including adaptations of Jurassic Park and Fight Club.

Best known for its film-inspired posters and merchandise, Mondo broke into the board game world with this year’s adaptation of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Infection at Outpost 31.

Speaking to Birth. Movies. Death., brand director Jay Shaw revealed that the studio wouldn’t be waiting around before launching new tabletop projects, with three games due out in 2018.

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It’s not clear whether the Jurassic Park and Fight Club games will be based on the original novels or the classic ‘90s movies they inspired – though given Mondo’s past repertoire, it seems likely the films will lend their style to the games.

The Fight Club title is a card game only said to be different to party games such as Cards Against Humanity and collectible card-battlers such as Magic: The Gathering, with Shaw ambitiously proclaiming: “It won't be comparable to any game in existence.”

Mondo’s biggest release next year, however, will be its take on Jurassic Park: an asymmetric competitive game subtitled The Chaos Gene that sees one player control the scientific team at park host InGen as they create dinosaurs from DNA in amber, another roleplay as the visitors attempting to survive and escape the park, a third who is trying to hunt and kill the humans with a pack of three velociraptors, and a fourth in charge of the massive T-rex… which is also trying to eat everybody.

As well as its two cinematic adaptations, Shaw said Mondo is developing its first completely original tabletop game, which he teased as a narrative-driven experience created by “our very favourite game designers” – with no hints as to who that may be, beyond the fact that they’re male. Which doesn’t exactly narrow it down.


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