Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter is a 2000 AD battle royale based on skirmish board game Wildlands

12 March 2019
judge-dredd-helter-skelter-78130.jpg Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter
Mega-City Fun

Martin Wallace’s skirmish board game Wildlands is spinning out into a tabletop clash between the worlds of cult comic book 2000 AD.

Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter replaces the fantasy factions of Wildlands with characters from 2000 AD series Judge Dredd, Sláine, Strontium Dog and Nikolai Dante.

Rather than collecting crystal shards, the colliding worlds find themselves competing to collect the fragments of their shattered universes in the streets of Dredd setting Mega-City One. In Wildlands, players would race to score five points fastest by collecting shards or eliminating enemy characters.

“A superb, card-based skirmish game whose apparent simplicity belies its capacity for tactical depth,” Dan Jolin wrote in his glowing review of Wildlands for Tabletop Gaming. “It’s huge fun, and represents a storming triumph for Martin Wallace.”

Helter Skelter’s gameplay is said to be built on Wildlands’ slick card-driven system, which allows players to control the different members of their faction by playing cards with symbols that match each character, letting them move, attack, defend and deploy special abilities. In the world(s) of 2000 AD, expect to see the Judges firing explosive rounds and the Celtic-inspired Sláine unleashing his barbarian wrath, as well as similar spins on roguish Russian thief Nikolai Dante and the mutant bounty hunter star of Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha.

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The game will come with 20 miniatures based on the comic-book characters, while 2000 AD artists Rufus Dayglo, Clint Langley, Simon Fraser and Chris Weston will be contributing artwork to the cards.

Putting out Helter Skelter this October is Wildlands publisher Osprey Games, which recently adapted its jungle survival card game The Lost Expedition for the world of Judge Dredd as The Cursed Earth.

You can pick up this month’s issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine to grab a free promo card for The Cursed Earth, adding Chief Judge Hershey to the game.


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