Join us and Wossy Unboxing Digimon Cards on Twitch

12 February 2021
Digivolving to include Ross


It's here, it's exciting, and we've got a lot of it! Last year saw the release of the first cards for the long-awaited English language Digimon Card Game, where you'll be trying to digivolve and gain strength in your Digimon, in order to beat your opponent's security. At zero, it's a knockout, and you win! It's competitive and fun, with some vivid and impressive artwork to boot. 

To add to the excitement, we have 24 sealed packs, that our Editor Chris Eggett will be opening and sharing live on Twitch this evening. These are part of the Release Special Booster (version 1.0). That means there's a whopping 288 cards to go through, so we can almost guarantee uncovering some brilliant cards, and a chance to really look through what the Digimon Card Game will be offering. Plus, the box also promises 1 alternative art card, and one special box promotion, which we're looking forward to discovering. 

That's not all! To help out, we've got Ross 'Wossy' Gilbert, the trading card YouTube extraordinaire, joining us to fill in the blanks about the cards are drawn. You can find him on his YouTube channel Wossy Plays, or check out a video Ross did for Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020 on another brilliant TCG: Pokemon. 

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You can find the unboxing on our Twitch at 5.30pm GMT. Be sure to join in the chat and let us know what cards you're hoping to see, and if you're excited about any we draw!

Read our in-depth interview with the designers of Digimon Card Game here.


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