Jessica Estephan makes history as the first woman to win a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

17 April 2018
gpsyd18_trophy-88639.jpg Sydney Team GP winners Ryan Lewis-Jonns, Jessica Estephan and Lechlan Saunders
Sydney GP winner is first female champion in card game’s 21-year competitive history

The winner of last weekend’s Magic: The Gathering tournament held in Sydney, Australia has made history as the first-ever female winner of a Magic GP.

Jessica Estephan claimed victory in the Sydney Team Grand Prix alongside her teammates Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Lachlan Saunders, beating 349 rival teams to the prize.

They overtook a Melbourne side made up of Jonathan Venturi, Benny Yau, and Mathieu Beaujard – who entered the second day of the competition undefeated and with a sizeable five-point lead – after the former leaders were defeated in the semi-finals by a trio from Canberra.

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Estephan, using a Black-Red Hollow One deck, and her team then saw off a side from New Zealand, propelling themselves to first place on the scoreboard to take overall victory. Individually, Saunders was first on the leaderboard, with Estephan second.

The win netted the team $15,000, plus an invitation to Magic’s 25th Anniversary Pro Tour to be held in Minneapolis this August, where they’ll be joined by the other teams in the Sydney top four.

More significantly, it cemented Estephan as the first woman to win a Magic Grand Prix in the 21-year history of the game’s competitive scene.


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