Jeff Tidball's Doctor Who Time Clash card game will materialise in December

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06 October 2016
Time-Clash-box-front1200-33857.jpg Time Clash's Starter Set
Starter Set for title designed by Ars Magica and Lord of the Rings RPG co-creator will include nine arcs

British publisher Cubicle 7 is diving back into the time-travelling universe of Doctor Who with its latest title.

Doctor Who Time Clash is the second card game based on the long-running BBC series from the firm, following the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Doctor Who: The Card Game, and the fourth Doctor Who spin-off from Cubicle as a whole, with the Doctor Who RPG and dice game Dalek Dice also filling out the roster.

Time Clash has been designed by Jeff Tidbull, the veteran RPG and tabletop creator who previously contributed to Ars Magica, card game Cthulhu 500 and the Lord of the Rings RPG.

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The game card sees two to four players lay down cards with “plans, threats, tech, and quips to stacks that represent the time of the struggle, the Doctor’s companion and the enemy’s influence”, Cubicle detailed in its announcement.

Two opposing teams – the Doctor’s companions and the Daleks – will attempt to control the Doctor’s location, which can subsequently set off extra boosts in an attempt to swing dominance to either side

Three cardboard arc mats will present the Doctor’s companion, enemies and time, with other components including a central ‘vortex disc’, Doctor pawn, d6 and markers to track specific values.

Time Clash’s Starter Set – featuring nine arcs – will launch in December, with advance copies available at Essen. A price was not confirmed.


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