Jaipur, Onirim and Ticket to Ride: First Journey will soon bring camels, nightmares and trains to mobile

05 April 2017
pic3116343-64271.jpg Ticket to Ride: First Journey
Digital ports announced for spring and summer release by Asmodee

Asmodee is continuing to build up its library of digital board games with three new titles headed to phones and tablets.

The latest batch of tabletop titles to make the leap to the virtual world is Jaipur, Onirim and Ticket to Ride: First Journey.

Jaipur is Sébastien Pauchon’s 2009 trading card game, where two players balance acquiring goods from the market and selling cards in their hand with maintaining their herd of precious camels.

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Onirim is another snappy two-player entry, taking place in a land of dreams and nightmares. The players work together to escape a labyrinth by finding eight door cards, which can be discovered by playing sets of cards or locating keys. Meanwhile, hidden nightmares lie in wait to make things harder.

Finally, there’s the kid-friendly spin on Alan R. Moon’s classic Ticket to Ride, First Journey. Asmodee says the app will be its first kids’ game to land on mobile – First Journey is essentially a simplified version of normal Ticket to Ride, with condensed rules and a more compact map.

The trio of games will be coming to iOS and Android over the next few months, and should be out by the end of summer latest.


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