Jaipur creator heads down The River with worker- and tile-placement game out this November

29 August 2018
the-river-88457.png The River
Co-designed with newcomer Ismaël Perrin

Jaipur creator Sébastien Pauchon has surfaced with his latest project, a fast-flowing combination of worker- and tile-placement called The River.

Pauchon, who also co-designed Jamaica, teamed up with first-time designer Ismaël Perrin to craft the standalone board game due out from Ticket to Ride studio Days of Wonder this November following a pre-release at Essen the month before.

The River sees players exploring the titular stretch of water, collecting resources to build up their settlement and outdo their rival villages.

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The gameplay twist is that workers will settle down during the course of the game, meaning that players have a tighter selection of options towards the end of each playthrough, making each decision more important as time goes on.

Pauchon and Perrin are aiming their game at a family-friendly audience, with a single playthrough taking half an hour to 45 minutes with two to four people. The box will cost €40 (£36) when it docks later in the year.

“Ismaël's starting idea was a worker-placement mechanic in which you have fewer and fewer workers as the game progresses,” Pauchon explained. “Then I brought the river into the project, and the two elements instantly clicked, leading rather smoothly to tile placement.

“We are quite happy with the result: a very accessible and fast-paced worker-placement game for players of any level, yet with enough decision-making to make each turn suspenseful and interesting.


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