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22 January 2021
Join us as we explore some of the darkest places in gaming, in issue 51 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine. We meet The Batman Who Laughs, one of the greatest horror villains of the dark DC multiverse in The Batman Who Laughs: Rising in our interview with Pat Marino, the designer of the Rising series.

Also in this Issue:

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 – We spend some time with Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock discussing the newest, and last, Pandemic Legacy game and the impact the series has had on gaming.

Perseverance  –  We check in with David Turczi and Viktor Peter mid way through their four part epic dino-defending Eurogame. We discuss exactly how many dinosaurs is fair to accidently sic on your opponents.

Tales of Evil – There’s something spooky going on, and only the meddling kids of Pizza & Investigation can solve this interesting, odd, and glow in the dark adventure game

Coriolis: The Last Cyclade – The Horizon enters its second act, and we’re here to discuss patrons, secret agenda, and mission generators

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Tidying Your Collection With: The Art of the D6 – Do those victory points spark joy?

We’ve also got 32 reviews in the mag, including:

Digimon: The Card Game
Micro Macro: Crime City
Viscounts of the West Kingdom
Meeple Land
Nevada City
Talisman Adventures RPG
Welcome To New Las Vegas
Curious Cargo
BattleCON: Devastation of Indines 

And many more!

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