Issue 464 of Miniature Wargames is here, and we're invading a Verr-myn nest!

12 November 2021
Free with both digital and paper copies of the magazine, claim your FREE Deadzone Third Edition Rulebook worth £24.99!
Issue 464 of Miniature Wargames is here, and we're invading a Verr-myn nest! Images

On the cover we have Verr-Myn Solo play: An underground adventure for your FREE Deadzone rules by Mantic Games – a redeemable code given away with each issue (Both digital and paper) worth £24.99.

We have Command Decision. In Tightening the Nooseit’s Falaise, North-west France: August 1944.

In Send Three and Fourpence we have When the Bell tolls one. Conrad Kinch gives us an exclusive Silver Bayonet scenario for the new Osprey rules written by Joe McCullough. And if that whets your appetite for Napoleonic spooky skirmish, we have a scenery build to back it up: Tony Harwood constructs a Creepy Crypt.

But if that kind of build is too picturesque, how about a return to basics with a Corrugated Camp and a scratch built Nissen Hut!

In The Eastern Front we fooled you: this is not the Stalingrad you were expecting! It’s the 17 century period of the “Deluge” with some easy play rules.

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In Super Massive Black Hole: there’s a big game hunt scenario using Core Space by Battle Systems.

In Show –Don’t Tell: The editor takes his camera to Partizan 2021. What a show!

In Waterloo Sixty there’s a tale of social engagement and the story of building a big Waterloo game and what that meant to a team of gamers.

Finally, we have the review sections with a bumper crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for scenery and accessories plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insight full book reviews.

Last Word Features the men behind Flags, Faces & Bases.

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