Issue 460 of Miniature Wargames is now on sale!

09 July 2021
Issue 460 of Miniature Wargames is out and we have another great selection of rules and scenarios but with a fine selection of scratch builds and painting pieces for your wargames armies!

On the cover and inside: It’s an Elder Scrolls extravaganza straight from Modiphius Entertainment. In The Power Circle scenario, players meet the terrifying Dwemer – robotic guardians of the underworld in a scenario. And – in the first of our scratch building pieces – construct a cave system from cork tiles to play the game!

Body Count. Yes it’s Command Decision and we look at Vietnam with part one of a two part piece on the Tet Offensive.

Dystopian Wars: The War is back on! We have an introduction to the system with a Q&A with publishers Warcradle Studios. Find out more about the steam punk naval combat system and what’s promised for the future and then paint your ships with an in-depth tutorial.

In Send 3 and 4 pence we have the concluding part of A People’s War. After last month’s solo programme paragraph game designed for Rebels & Patriots we present the table top conclusion! 

In An Irish Alamo we detail the Siege of Dunboy Castle: June 1602. The piece features a full, three part Scenario, plus alternative setting suggestions and all playable with a downloadable rule set.

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In Practical Wargames Scenery Tony Harwood takes a walk on the wild side with a tree stump dwelling for badger folk! But if that’s not your cup of tea, how about a Blacksmith’s forge? In Pounding Hot Metal we build a s8mm stand alone model with lighting effects. Finally, what about some figures? In Dwarf Cavalry we show you how to build and convert some of those much overlooked chaps...

Finally, we have the review sections with of Defence in Depth with new products, Forward Observer for news – with the latest on forthcoming show dates – and Recce.

In the Last Word we remember Duncan Macfarlane.

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