Issue 438 October 2019 Miniature Wargames on sale now

13 September 2019
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PLUS a new-look issue!
Issue 438 October 2019 Miniature Wargames on sale now Images

On the cover we have Blockbuster: the Hochwald Gap and the attack on the Rhineland in 1945. A command Decision by Jon Sutherland with some superb in game photography by the late Joe Dever.


In Fae & Loathing In Talamhlar: we have an exclusive fairy scenario by Geoff Sims the rules author of The Woods.


There’s a pull-out and assemble, pre-printed card bunker system for you to enhance your table top without even getting your brushes out!


In Last Days we have an interview and an exclusive scenario by the Ash Barker author of the Osprey Rules of the same name.


In Start your Engines! we have another Interview and two exclusive scenarios for Gaslands: Refuelled, again by the rules author Mike Hutchinson.


In Bright Clothes & Warm Weather there’s a set of quick play Renaissance Battle Rules to get your Tercios on the table top.

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There’s an interview with the Perry Brothers covering much of their impressive life as sculptors (plus appearing in the odd Lord of the Rings film!); and there are three hobby relevant of opinion pieces: two on writing rules and the future of 3d models by Joe McCullough, and another on marketing the rules you write by Conrad Kinch. And there’s ten of the best reasons to visit Tabletop Gaming Live 2019: London’s best gaming show!


In our Scratch Building section the Wargame Widow is barnstorming!


We have a new regular Club Spotlight feature which – this month – details the Lincombe Barn Wargames Society, and we even give you a peek as to what’s going to be in issue 439.


We have the new review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we still have Forward Observer for news. Finally we have Recce for a 11 book reviews. And the free Club Directory!


On sale now! Buy from most good newsagents or click here to buy directly from us and get is posted within the UK for FREE! 


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