Issue 425 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon.

01 August 2018
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Issue 425 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What treasure do we have in our hoard?

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Issue 425 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What treasure do we have in our hoard? 

There’s a WWII duo. Scenarios for a tank on tank game in Europe for What a Tanker! So break out the Char B1s and the Lardie’s new Rules! And – if that wasn’t enough - the Eastern Front is covered using Jim Webster’s Hell by Daylight in a scenario called Getting out Alive (with suggestions for other optional battlefields).

In Send Three and Fourpence we are grappling with Computers and toy soldiers: Conrad Kinch interviews game designer Arofan Gregory.

If it’s Kadesh and it’s 1274BC, you know it’s another Command Decision conundrum by Jon Sutherland with the Egyptians and the Hittites.
Are you struggling for a scenario that covers your chosen period? In Siege Train the editor enjoys a classic Charles Grant Tabletop Teaser with Henry Hyde in the 18th Century using 30mm Spencer Smith figures and then replays the same scenario in the 27th century with Kevin Dallimore using 15mm Hammer’s Slammers forces. How did the results pan out? Read the article to find out!

By Crom! Is a game system for playing Conan quests, and we have a feature with all you need to play including downloadable rules with scenery and figure ideas for cheap 54mm games!

The editor did a lot of travelling this month to feature two Show reports: Bovington set in the wonder of the tank museum and Joy of Six with all that’s best in small scale show games.

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And finally for the features, The Wargames Widow builds herself a new residence in just sheet polystyrene foam.

For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual peek at the latest in F&SF gaming with releases from Caliver, Brigade, Crooked Dice and more! There’s Forward Observer with (mostly) historical wargaming product reports on MiniFigs, Deep Cut, On Military Matters  much more. Finally we have Recce for book reviews. And the free Club Directory!







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