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10 August 2017
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Issue 413 of Miniature Wargames is about to be released. What are the best bits?

Issue 413 of Miniature Wargames is about to be released. What are the best bits?

Firstly, there’s Zanzibar Express: renowned figure painting expert Kevin Dallimore shows us (what he calls) the ‘speed painting’ of a colonial force for a colonial campaign. This gives the best tips for how to paint an entire unit in just eleven hours.

And – while you are doing that – how about a game to use them with? Chris Jarvis presents Frontier Warfare: the first in a two-part piece for a solo campaign set in the 19th century colonial period featuring on-line downloadable content.

But – while you have the paint brushes out – why stop there? Graham Green presents Now you see me: after last months Prodos Aliens Drop Ship build, this month he suggests we ‘send in the marines!’ with a full painting guide to the Colonial Marines in the iconic film with tips for painting camouflage that could be applied to any 20th and 21st century models.

If that all sounds a bit modern (and – indeed – far future) what about ancient Greece? Two articles in this issue take different spins on that: Reinventing an Old Friend is Jon Sutherland’s take on reinvigorating a passion for a set of ‘old school’ ancients rules and making them fit for the 21st century gamer (the first of a four part series). But as an alternative Arthur Harman brings the mythological to life with Fi, Fo, Fum: I smell the blood of an Athenian! These are his card driven rules for an Minotaur hunt in a labyrinth!

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Scratch your scenery building itch with a 4Ground landing pad construction with a difference or see how regular columnist Diane Sutherland constructs a flexible, modular cottage. 

In Send Three And Fourpence columnist Conrad Kinch offers a scenario for Command & Colours by Peninsular War Scenario that curbs your language! 
We have our review and reporting sections: in Forward Observer and Fantasy Facts and Recce where we review the latest products and reading material plus the Club Directory

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