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22 November 2016
MWG404_dec16_web-99725.jpg Miniature Wargames
On sale Friday 25th November 2016
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Here's a sneak preview of what to expect from Issue 404, on sale Friday 25th November 2016:

  • FORWARD OBSERVER - What's on the horizon in historical gaming. The Editor takes a look at Early War Miniatures, Fireforge, Brigade Micro ‘Nam plus Plastic Soldier Company releases.
  • SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE - This month Conrad is pushing his comfort zone and trying something new: The fog of war in a pub via a gin and tonic…
  • JUTLAND - Martin Pike gave us the DBFPFA system in the last issue: this time, it's war! Play out the fleet action with part 2 of the WWI Naval rules.
  • CHICAGO WAY - Brian Cameron sends one to the morgue: running booze and making scenery the Chicago Way, plus a scenario for this popular system.
  • GRID BASED WARGAMING - Why are you off grid? David Burden talks us through his thought processes in the first of a two part piece on gaming without a ruler.
  • ABOUT BONAPARTE - Dirk Donvil, from Denderleeuw in Belgium rekindled his childhood love for larger scale Napoleonic toy soldiers by creating a rule set for 54mm games.
  • CRITICAL HITS - This month: Fantasy Facts with the monthly round up of what's new in non-historical gaming – the Editor takes a squint at Konflikt '47, new SF releases from GZG, Coppermine and Brigade, plus gives a once over for Forgotten Pacts, Broken Legions, Arkeo Obskura and Rogue Stars; there's an introduction to 7TV2 by the creators with a unique scenario and exclusive playing card; there's more 7TV goodness with a campaign system by Nick Hughes; plus an interview with the crew at 4Ground with a peek at what's coming next.
  • and much more!

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