ISS Vanguard Launches on the New Platform Gamefound

18 December 2020
Double news

Today marks the day that both ISS Vanguard launches for pre-order, and becomes the first campaign to head onto brand new crowdfunding platform Gamefound. 

Gamefound began life as a pledge manager, (which it remains), but claims to have learned lessons from doing so that have led it to create a brand new crowdfunding platform that reaps the benefit of these. Additional pledges can be added within the system, stretch goals unlock automatically, there'll be more control over comments, and more. Though the news was announced some time ago, ISS Vanguard marks the first campaign. 

ISS Vanguard, released on the platform today, has already been funded within three minutes of its posting. It's an epic, cooperative campaign for 1-4 players, telling the story of the first human deep space exploration mission. ISS Vanguard finds a mysterious object allowing it to learn of different worlds where life exists. You'll begin visiting these worlds to understand who and what helped them flourish, but can anticipate a tense and memorable ongoing campaign as you do. 

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The core box is €99, and a stretch goal has already been unlocked for a Lone Wolf scenario, a solo game where you're stranded on an alien planet with very little, where you'll need to survive until the next rescue mission, having to make some harrowing decisions along the way. There are further stretch goals, and also the option at pledge stage to purchase a Galaxy Almanac for €19, which is an artbook for ISS Vanguard, that includes a few extra snippets of information about the worlds too. 

As the first campaign to run, it's notable that it's run smoothly so far, and offers an interesting alternative to Kickstarter. If you want to take a look at ISS Vanguard and pledge for your copy, you'll find it over on the Gamefound site


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