SPONSORED POST: Introducing 'Bobbies, Baddies and Bootnecks'

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12 April 2021
Highly detailed 28mm scaled law enforcement, counterterrorist and Opfor miniatures.
SPONSORED POST: Introducing 'Bobbies, Baddies and Bootnecks' Images

From the combined studios of Anthalonica Wargaming and the Flytrap Factory we bring you ‘Bobbies, Baddies and Bootnecks’, a Modern miniature Kickstarter covering a plethora of exciting model sets. The range is scaled to pair seamlessly with the current market leaders in modern era miniature production.

With the target funding achieved in less than 24 hours, the Kickstarter sought to add a further 28 unique figures to the current range of 21 Modern British Police and civilians. Now approaching the halfway point of the Kickstarter, there are 52 unique figures unlocked including 4 Kickstarter exclusive models (not available after the campaign finishes).

If the Kickstarter continues to be successful the company has committed to producing a range of highly detailed Royal Marines in Future Commando equipment. These will both lend themselves to counter terrorist gaming as well as conventional tabletop wargaming.

As a 'fledgling' company with limited resources a Kickstarter campaign offers an invaluable opportunity to cover the costs of development associated with a new range.

The Anthalonica miniatures are, unlike many others in the market, entirely hand sculpted with each of the new releases being sculpted as an individual, new figure, rather than using the dolly casting figure employed by many competitors. This means that figures have unique, lifelike poses.  

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The models currently unlocked as part of the Kickstarter include:

  • French specialist police team (BRI /RAID /GIGN)
  • A Private Military contractor team.
  • Armed Civilians
  • Israeli counter-terrorist police
  • Zombies
  • British specialist police and police dogs
  • Royal Marine, Fleet Protection Group marines
  • And many more!

The existing ranges from Anthalonica Wargaming include 15mm modern miniatures, former QRF lines and the Bluelight Miniatures police range which included a charity figure, raising money for the ‘Thin Blue Line UK’ charity.

If you would like to know more about the existing range have a look here.

You can back the project now, HERE.


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