Inside issue 471 of Miniature Wargames

10 June 2022
John – Editor of Miniature Wargames – talks through some key highlights of the issue

In the July edition – number 471 of Miniature Wargames – we have another great issue covering a wealth of periods and styles of tabletop wargaming.

On the cover we ask the question: Can you stop an Alien invasion? Play Lost UFO to find out! In the first part of a two part piece the Editor develops a game inspired by a ‘70s TV show. Set in the far flung future of the 1980’s, the setting is that Aliens are coming to earth to harvest humans. This first article covers building and painting the components for the game with the rules being in the next issue.

We have Command Decision. In this scenario you’re right in Deeg with a colonial game and an intriguing scenario. Ask yourself, are you the Napoleon of India?

In Send Three and Fourpence Mr Kinch gives us a Cold War scenario: Having a Shufti is a two part Recce piece for Black Ops rules.

In Live Free Or Die we have part three of this series on The War of 1812. with two battles, this time: the Battles of Thames River and Chippawa. This includes special downloadable cards.

In Lion Rampart there’s an opportunity to get the ladders out! A set of siege rules for Osprey’s popular Lion Rampant ruleset.

In Scratch Build Tony Harwood finishes off a Greek church for your gaming table, suitable for a Silver Bayonet game or similar.

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In Goldilocks the magazine takes a trip to Partizan 2022.

Finally – we have the review sections with crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for Modelling and scenery reviews, plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews. 

Last Word Features contributor Dave Tuck.

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One Day, One Whole Army... 

A feature from Miniature Wargames Magazine, entitled How to Paint an Entire Army in a Single Day

If you have a stack of miniatures in need of painting, preventing you from bringing anything new to the table, check out this article, where we hear from a contributor who managed to paint an entire army in a single day!

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